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Rates & Availability

Booking Enquiries may be made by e-mail, or preferably, by completing the Booking Form. Please see the Contact Us page for further details.

Hire Charges (Hire periods include time for setting up and cleaning and clearing up/unrigging)

Non-Residents* £15 per hour (maximum £180 in 24hrs to midnight- minimum hire 4 hours)
Weddings/Major Events £850 for 3 day hire (11am Friday - 6pm Sunday)

Residents* £10 per hour (maximum £120 in 24hrs to midnight- minimum hire 4 hours)
Weddings/Major Events £700 for 3 day hire (11am Friday - 6pm Sunday)

Frequent users (weekly or monthly): Special terms and conditions apply and should be checked directly with the Booking Secretary.

Commercial hirers £240 per day (minimum hire 24 hours)

You must inform the booking secretary if you propose having a bouncy castle as part of your hire. If you are having a bouncy castle we require hirers to have appropriate insurance cover for this activity. If you cannot show written evidence of insurance cover, you must pay a £10 premium to the Barn hire charge to cover insurance cover under the Barn’s insurance policy.

* The hirer's personal residence defines the rate used. Residents are defined as residents of Mells and Vobster villages and other local villages without their own village hall, specifically, Whatley and Chantry.

Terms of Hire

All bookings are subject to the Terms and Conditions. Please read these carefully as the Barn may not be suitable for every event – this is particularly true for live music events where the sound limiters, fitted under government legislation, are based on the ambient external noise levels which, in a quiet country village like Mells, are particularly low. The Barn Committee cannot be responsible for any loss incurred should these Terms and Conditions not be observed.

Regrettably no confetti at your celebration. We recognise that it looks pretty for you, but for the next group it looks like litter.

Useful Documents and Forms

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Due to local bye-laws the number of major events in the Barn is limited.  Clients must not assume, therefore, that the lack of bookings means that the day is available.